4-foot Metal Hexagrid Kits

Get one of these woven wire fences with metal hexagrid fencing to create a good-looking, reliable fence 4 feet tall and 150 or 300 feet long.

We offer both economy and standard versions of these kits. The economy versions come without brace bands or top support wires, while the standard versions come with both. The purpose of the brace bands is to provide an anchor point atop each round black post to ensure that the fencing cannot down the post. The aim of the top support wire is to keep the material in these woven wire fences running straight along the top, to prevent paws from pushing the fencing to one side, and to enhance the fence’s overall appearance.

We favor our long-lasting metal hexagrid kits because they perform so well. In general, dogs contained by these black woven wire fences require no supervision. They’re less visible and cost less than welded wire fences. And, like their welded wire cousins, they have an expected life of 20+ years. Like all our kits, these metal hexagrid kits come with good setup instructions and are easy to install.

The metal hexagrid material in these woven wire fences is strong small-mesh (one inch) chicken wire made of galvanized 20-gauge steel coated with black pvc. This powerful fencing resists both climbing and chewing, and is robust enough to keep out deer and elk — yet is so low-key that it fades into near invisibility at distances as close as 10 feet.

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An end is a place where the fence butts up against a building, wall, or another fence.