KitsOur pet fence kits for dogs are the best. It’s that simple. They come in 4 to 6-foot heights, lengths of 100 to 330 feet, and fencing of various types depending on your need.

Our favorite of these pet fence kits come with metal hexagrid fencing, which is really just small-mesh (one inch) chicken wire made of strong 20-gauge steel and coated with black pvc. This powerful fencing resists both climbing and chewing, yet is so low-key that it fades into near invisibility at distances as close as 10 feet. These kits come in lengths of 150 and 300 feet.

Our pet fence kits with polypropylene (plastic) fencing (in lengths of 100, 200, and 330 feet) are cheaper than our metal hexagrid kits; so, if your budget is tight you should give them consideration. However, so far as chewing goes they are vulnerable to dogs, rabbits, and other animals. This means that if your pet might chew the fencing or if the area has rabbits you should opt for one of the other types of fencing.

Our welded wire pet fence kits (in lengths up to 600 feet) are stronger than the metal hexagrid kits but also more expensive. Get one with a top rail if you want a rail on top, like the elegant look, or are enclosing a swimming pool.  Otherwise get one with a top support wire, which works just as well for most applications and costs a good deal less.

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An end is a place where the fence butts up against a building, wall, or another fence.