Top Rail Pipes and Parts

Our 1-3/8-inch diameter top rail pipe has a 4-inch male end, so its actual working length is 92 inches. Like our 1-5/8 fence posts, this pipe is round, galvanized, and given a black powder coat finish to match the fence posts. To install these pipes along the top of the fence, you will need the parts below.

(1) End rail caps to terminate the pipes: Use 2 at each corner, 2 at each gate, and 1 at each end. (2) Self-tapping screws: Use 1 screw to attach each end rail cap to its pipe. (3) Brace bands with nuts, bolts, and washers for joining end rails to posts: Get 1 for each end rail. (4) Loop caps that carry the pipes around the fence: Get one for each post that is not a corner, end, or gate post.

In general, this top rail about doubles the total length of posts and pipes that are in the fence, so it adds significantly to the fence’s cost. Get one if you really want a visible top member on the fence, if you are installing a pool fence, or if the top of the fence needs to be rigid for any  reason.

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An end is a place where the fence butts up against a building, wall, or another fence.