Digging Barriers

Don’t worry about running into our digging barrier with your lawnmower. The barrier, designed to ensure you have a no-dig fence, is staked down flat with plenty of foot-long ground stakes. Grass will grow right up through it, and your lawnmower will pass happily overhead.

We strongly agree that sometimes a bit of dog training combined with periodic application of dog repellent along the fence line can cope with the digging problem. However, in cases where this seems too time-consuming or your pet seems determined to dig, our digging barrier can provide the best answer for ensuring that your have a no dig fence.

The main ingredient in this barrier is a strip of metal hexagrid fencing 2 feet wide, the same material used in our metal hexagrid dog fence kits. The barrier come in 50 and 150-foot lengths with ground stakes to firmly secure it to the ground and zip-lock ties to attach it barrier to your existing fence. Roll the mesh out next to your fence, join it to the fence with zip-ties, and secure it to the ground with the stakes.

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An end is a place where the fence butts up against a building, wall, or another fence.