Earth Anchors (Ground Screw Anchors) and Post Braces

We offer two kinds of bracing, these being post bracing systems and earth anchors (ground screw anchors). Both of these serve to protect fence corners, ends, and gates against stresses coming down the fence line, stresses mostly created by heavy snow loads, falling branches, and the weight of the fencing.  Both kinds of bracing work well, though both have advantages and disadvantages.

Post bracing systems (consisting of a fence post, one or two support arms, and attachment gear) tend to be expensive, visible, and hard to install. They are expensive because besides the post one needs to buy the side support arm(s) and all the attachment gear. They are visible because of the side supports. And they are hard to install because both the post and the support arm(s) need to be placed against “dead men” in the ground or set in cement footings.

However, the earth anchors (ground screw anchors) can be inconvenient if one installs them with their cables hanging outside the fence line. If your fence runs are reasonably long (say 40 feet long or longer) you can avoid this by simply backing up one post and installing the earth anchors (before you put the fencing up) right along the fence line. If you runs are shorter, however, you may wish to opt for post bracing systems — or else to dispense with bracing altogether.

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An end is a place where the fence butts up against a building, wall, or another fence.