We offer two kinds of dog fence accessories, fence braces and digging barriers designed to create a no dig fence for dogs.

Our fence braces prevent sideways stress caused by heavy snow loads or falling tree limbs from tilting or bending posts and damaging your fence. We provide two kinds, one simple and the other quite complex. The simple one merely employs earth anchor with attachment wire, while the complex one consists of complete posts with side supports and attachment gear.

Our two-foot barrier kit designed to create a no-dig fence for dogs deals effectively with dogs that really like to dig. Laid flat on the ground and staked down, it offers no obstacle to lawn mowers and other traffic. This barrier is made of the same metal hexagrid fencing (a strip 2 feet wide) featured in our featured dog fence kits. In addition, the no-dig kit comes with foot-long ground stakes for securing the fencing to the ground and zip-lock ties for fastening the skirt to the bottom of your existing barrier fence.


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An end is a place where the fence butts up against a building, wall, or another fence.