The fence posts listed here, the same as those in our kits, are handsome round galvanized steel posts coated with black pvc that have an estimated life of 20+ years. All come with caps and all look well in residential and estate settings.

We offer fence posts with drive sleeves and without. Those with sleeves are a bit easier to install (to install them get one drive cap for every 20 posts). Those without sleeves should be installed 2 feet deep, which again is easily done with a manual post driver. Whichever type you get, plan on installing them 8 to 12 feet apart.

To install the fence posts without sleeves, get a manual post driver (if you don’t already have one), slip the driver over the post, and drop it down on the post repeatedly until the post is at the desired depth.

To install the fence posts with sleeves, get a drive cap, insert the cap into the top of the post sleeve, and strike the drive cap with a heavy hammer until all but about an inch of the 2.5-foot sleeve is in the ground. Then remove the drive cap from the sleeve and insert the post. That’s all there is to it.

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An end is a place where the fence butts up against a building, wall, or another fence.