McGregor's Dog Fence Installation Videos

You should see these videos. The best dog fence installation videos available anywhere, they show elegant barrier dog fences at their best and demonstrate that just about anyone can put them up. Both thorough and brief, they take less than an hour to view.

How to install round black posts with sleeves
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How to Install Round Black Steel Posts with Sleeves

Round posts with sleeves differ from ordinary round posts. Instead of installing the post one installs the sleeve and then fits the post into it.

Post caps and bands
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Post Caps and Bands

This video covers installation of brace bands on 1-3/8 and 1-5/8-inch posts and installation of all kinds of caps.

Video Topdog Anchor Bracing
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Anchor Bracing

Earth anchors provide the best and least expensive braces. Here we show how to install them without leaving any attachment cable hanging outside the fence line.

Installing top support wire for dogfences
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Installing Top Support Wire

A top wire is installed to improve the strength and appearance of your fence. Here’s how it’s done.

Installing a top rail for dogfence
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Installing a Top Rail

Alternatively, instead of a top wire a top rail can be installed. This is often required on safety fences around swimming pools.

Video Putting up Fencing
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Putting up Fencing

Some dog fences have neither top support wires nor top rails. This video shows how to install fencing material on such a fence.

Video Attaching Fencing with Top Support
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Attaching Fencing with Top Support

Here’s how to attach fencing material to a fence with (a) a top support wire or (b) a top rail.

Installing dog fence gates
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Installing Gates

This video shows how to assemble and install gates. Supplementing the video, all our gates come with their own written assembly and installation instructions.

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An end is a place where the fence butts up against a building, wall, or another fence.