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  • Robust Dog Fence Kit: 6 x 750 Feet, Metal Hexagrid Fence with Top Support Wire

    Strong Dog Fence Kit, 6 x 750 Feet, Reliable Metal Fencing: Learn More
    • Product ID: DG-MH-6x750
    • This strong 6 x 750 foot dog fence will reliably contain dogs. The kit comes with a strong top support wire buttressed with brace bands to ensure nothing can push it down and numerous ground stakes to keep your dog from nosing underneath. No gate is included, but 6-foot gates compatible with this kit are offered in our gates section. Should digging under the fence be an issue, consider getting our digging barrier. Chewing will not be an issue unless your dog is unsupervised, strong, and determined to get out--in which case you should consider our welded wire fences designed to deal with that.The products included in this kit are as follows:

      • Five 6 x 150-foot rolls of black metal hexagrid fencing--galvanized and coated with black pvc (5 rolls, product 14-16)
      • Five dozen 8-foot round black posts with caps, 1-5/8 inch diameter posts (60 of product 15-03K-8FT-1)
      • Five dozen brace bands for tops of posts, to anchor fencing and top support wire (with nuts, bolts, and washers; 60 of product 15-10-1)
      • Top support wire, black, 810 feet (2 rolls, product 16-021-350 and 1 roll, product 16-021-110)
      • Twelve bags of 8-inch zip-lock ties for attaching fencing to posts and top support wire (12 bags of 100, product 17-04)
      • 390 kinked galvanized ground stakes 1 foot long (13 bundles of 30, product 18-01)
      • Installation instructions (product INST-DG-MH) 


      Our Price: $3,111.95
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