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OTHER SMALL dog fence Parts

    Top Support Wire
    Zip-lock Ties
    Hog-ring Staples
    Ground Stakes
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    Other parts used in our dog fences include tie wire (for top support), black stainless steel zip-lock ties (for attaching fencing to metal posts), black nylon zip-ties or hog ring staples (for attaching the top support wire to the fencing), U-nails (for attaching fencing to wood posts), and ground stakes (for staking down the fencing and also for staking down digging barriers). 


    Tie wire: black pvc-coated metal tie wire for dog fences 

    Top Support Wire

    Our black pvc-coated top support wire (tie wire with a 13.5 gauge steel core) should be used if there will be no top rail. The top wire creates an essentially invisible top for your dog fence. This wire is a lot easier to use than nylon monofilament line (often used on deer fences) because it needs no special tensioners and tighteners. All you do is run it around your chosen anchor post, twist it around itself several times until you have something that looks like a little hangman's knot, and cut off any excess. Then uncoil the wire down to your other chosen anchor post, pull the wire tight, and do the same thing. The idea is to pull the wire tight enough so that it will provide effective support against dog impacts and snow loads, while not tightening it so tight as to tilt your posts. For this purpose, it makes sense to create relatively short runs of wire, each spanning 60 feet or less.

    Our tie wire, which is both strong and long-lasting, comes in lengths of 110, 220, and 350 feet.


    Zip-lock tie: a strong black nylon zip-lock tie

    Zip-lock tie, a strong black nylon zip-lock tie

    Nylon Zip-lock Ties

    These are much tougher than kitchen ties. Made of black nylon with a UV barrier, they have a tested breaking strength of 120 pounds. Use the 8-inch zip-lock ties to connect your fencing to the top support wire or top rail, using 1 tie every 1.5 feet (for poly fencing) or 1 tie every foot (for metal hexagrid or welded wire fencing), and also to connect the fencing to round posts, using 1 tie per foot of post and putting the last tie under the bolt in the brace band (if there is a brace band) at the top of  the post. If you are using 1-5/8 inch round posts, you may find the 14-inch zip ties easier to apply than the 8-inchers, so we offer them for convenience of installation.


    Black Stainless Steel Zip-lock Ties

    These strong ties which can be expected to last the life of your fence are perfect for attaching the fencing to both round and angle-iron posts as well as to top rails. They should not be used for attaching fencing to a top support wire because they do not close completely. If you are using 1-5/8 inch round posts, you may find the 14-inch zip ties easier to apply than the 8-inchers, so we offer them for convenience of installation.




    Hog Ringer and Staples

    If you have a lot of tie wire to attach to fencing, or a lot of mesh fencing to attach to other mesh fencing, then it makes sense to get a hog ringer and staples. The stapler is a bit more expensive than a few packs of nylon zip-lock ties, but it saves a lot of work time.

    King-Hughes Hog Ring Stapler with Magazine: Versatile Tool: Learn More
    Prod. ID: 17-16
    Our Prices:
    1 - 2 $59.95
    3 - 5 $56.95
    6+ $54.95
    Circular Staples, Hog Ring Form, King-Hughes, Galvanized Steel, Pointed, 2,500 Staples
    Prod. ID: 17-17
    Our Prices:
    1 - 4 $15.95
    5 - 9 $15.15
    10+ $14.35




    U-nail: a barbed galvanized 2-inch U-nail 


    Should you opt for wooden posts, use these barbed galvanized 1.25-inch U-nails for attaching your fencing to the posts. Plan on using about one U-nail every 18 inches on line, gate, and end posts, and twice that on corner posts.

    This product is unavailable or out of stock.



    Ground stake: a foot-long galvanized ground stake, kinked with a hook, for securing deer and dog fences to the ground 

    Ground Stakes

    Use these foot-long kinked galvanized ground stakes to secure the bottom of your dog fence to the ground. The number of stakes needed will depend very much upon your dog (all our kits provide at least 1 stake for every 4 feet of fence). So if you have a Houdini on your hands it might be well to get an extra bundle or even to consider a digging barrier.


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