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Ground Stakes

Ground stakes are essential for nearly all dog fences. Don't use the little 6-inch stakes sold in garden centers, because they don't really grip the ground. Instead use our kinked foot-long metal stakes with a hook at the end to grab the fencing. These are hard to find locally but are not expensive.

Just about any dog fence needs staking. For instance, suppose you have a stockade or chain link fence running a short distance above the ground. Then, to keep your dog from edging or digging under the fence, you decide to put some metal mesh (best attached to the wooden boards and posts with U-nails) at the bottom of the fence. Here, obviously, the bottom of the mesh needs to be staked down, with the distance between the stakes and the nature of the mesh depending on the digging inclinations and motivations of your dog.  Think about creating at least a 6-inch bottom fold (see digging barriers) and consider using one stake every 3 feet for dogs not intensely inclined to dig, increasing both the width of the bottom fold and the number of stakes for eager diggers.



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