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Dog Fence Gates

Our gates are designed for welded wire, metal hexagrid, and polypropylene dog fences with round metal posts. They come with their own support posts and will work perfectly all right with other kinds of fences, but they will not match the materials in those fences. Therefore, if you are installing a wooden or chain link dog fence it is best to make your own gate arrangements. Plan in having a gate that is wide enough to admit the widest piece of machinery that you will ever need to get through it.

The dog fence gates we offer range from 3 to 7 feet wide and 4 to 6 feet tall. All come as easy-to-assemble kits with pictorial assembly instructions. Each kit has everything you need including support posts, door materials, and assorted gear (hinges, latches, turnbuckles, etc.) The only thing not included is fencing material for the gate door. That's because we don't know the kind of fencing used for your main fence and we want the fencing on the gate door to match. So we ask you to cut some of your fencing for the door and fasten it with ties provided in the kit.

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