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polypropylene Fence Rolls

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Polypropylene Fence Rolls

The polypropylene fencing provided here and in our kits is a black extruded poly product with a built-in UV barrier, a mesh size of 1.75 x 2 inches, and a tested breaking strength of 650 pounds per foot. That's plenty strong enough to contain just about any dog; but dogs can chew through it and can also tear or get under the bottom eventually if they try persistently to dig. Therefore, if your pet is an inveterate digger, consider getting a supplemental digging barrier to stake down just inside your fence. Or if your dog would be inclined to chew the fence, or if your fence is located in such a place that rabbits or woodchucks would be likely to chew through it, get our un-chewable metal hexagrid or welded wire fencing instead of polypropylene.   

Our polypropylene fencing has an expected life of about 10 years. The maximum height and length variation per roll is 5 per cent. For free samples contact us by phone (508-888-8305) or email. For polypropylene fencing in different heights and grades, beyond those offered below, visit our invisible deer fence website.

This product is unavailable or out of stock.
Strong Poly for Dog and Deer Fences, 6 x 100 Ft: In Stock: Buy Now
Prod. ID: 14-61A
Our Prices:
1 - 4 $109.95
5 - 9 $104.45
10+ $98.96


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