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Metal Hexagrid Fence Rolls

Metal hexagrid dog fencing (see photo above) is essentially sturdy 20-gauge chicken-wire with a 1-inch mesh that has received a UV-resistant black pvc coating adding to its life and reducing its visibility. (People installing swimming pools should know that this product meets the basic code requirements for pool safety fencing in most localities.)

This is the perfect fence to deal with active dogs. Less visible, longer lasting, and a great deal stronger than any polypropylene fencing, it is invulnerable to chewing; it can take repeated blows to its mid-section; and folding out and staking down a foot or so at the bottom, as recommended in our kits, strongly discourages digging. The expected life of this metal hexagrid fencing is over 20 years. The lengths and heights listed below and employed in our kits are 150 x 4 feet, 150 x 5 feet, 150 x 6 feet, and 100 x 7.5 feet.



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