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We've got a wide range of welded wire dog fence kits and supplies-enough to meet all your needs-as well as other kinds of dog fences featuring polypropylene and metal hexagrid (1-inch hexagonal) fencing. Our handsome welded wire kits (see photo above) range in length from 100 to 600 feet and come in heights of 4 and 6 feet. Here are two of our most popular kits:

See all our welded wire kits or use the menu below to explore our full range of kits, supplies, installation videos, and information.

Welded Wire Kits:
     With Top Support Wire:
         4-foot Kits (100 to 600 Feet)
         6-foot Kits (100 to 600 Feet)
     With Top Rail:
         4-foot Kits (100 to 300 Feet)
         6-foot Kits (100 to 300 Feet)
Metal Hexagrid Kits:
     With Top Support Wire:
         4-foot Kits (150 to 750 Feet)
         5-foot Kits (150 and 300 Feet)
         6-foot Kits (150 to 750 Feet)
Polypropylene Kits:
     4-foot Kits (100 to 330 Feet)
     5-foot Kits (100 to 330 Feet)
     Digging Barriers
     Post Accessories
     Other Small Parts
How to Install (Videos)
     Dog Fence Facts
     Dog Fence Options
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