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dog fences, accessories, and parts: introduction

A dog fence with metal hexagrid fencing by McGregor Fence 

Our Dog Fences as Kits

If you want a good-looking, effective, and permanent dog fence, we highly recommend our kits. They employ the same fencing and round posts used in professional deer fences. They look well in residential and estate settings; they're affordable (typically $3 to $5 per foot); and they reliably restrain dogs. They're also versatile, coming in heights of 3.5 to 6 feet. They can take as many gates as needed (we supply them in widths of 3 to 6 feet). And they can be added together to create a fence of any length.

These kits are easily installed. Use our written instructions to install one yourself or to guide a local landscaper or handyman. Either way, the installation procedures are clear and simple.

Gates and Other Fence Accessories

We know that some of our kit customers may not want gates, so we do not provide them with the kits. Ditto for special anti-digging barriers (useful for dealing with inveterate diggers) and brace posts (for protecting tall fences in snow-prone zones). These products are offered separately on our fence accessory pages.

Fence Parts Sold Separately

But suppose you don't want a kit. Suppose you want to supplement our products with your own posts or other gear. In that case you can buy fence parts separately from the fence parts pages of our catalog, and you can use information provided on those pages to plan your fence.


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