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Dog fence parts sold separately

  • Manual post driver with a 2-3/4 inch opening for driving metal posts into the ground (weight 17 pounds)

    Manual Post Driver for Deer Fence Posts: Basic Tool: Learn More
    • Product ID: 15-05
    • Use this manual post driver to drive all metal posts without sleeves into the ground. It's simple. Take a two-step stool from your pantry, slide the driver's open end over one end of your post, and put the post's other end where you want it to enter the ground. Get on the two-step stool, raise the post driver a bit, and let it drop. This will typically drive the post several inches into the ground. Repeat the process until the post is at the desired depth. If someone is assisting by holding the post as it is driven, be sure their hands are out of reach of the descending driver, because the driver can seriously damage hands.

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