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Dog fence corner-end-gate braces

  • End/gate braces for a 4-foot fence: 1 pair of end braces (sufficient for 2 ends or 1 gate)**

    Dog Fence Brace Posts for 3.5 to 4 Foot Fences: Available: Learn More
    • Product ID: 15-07-4FT
    • Use these end/gate brace post systems at dog fence ends and gates to protect your fence against sideways stress. These systems are sold in pairs sufficient to brace two fence ends or one gate. Each pair contains the following: 2 black 1-5/8 inch round steel posts and drive sleeves for a 4-foot dog fence; 2 black 1-3/8 inch round steel brace-arm posts; attachment gear (2 brace bands, 2 rail ends, 2 nuts, 2 bolts, 2 caps).

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      1 - 4 $61.95
      5 - 9 $58.85
      10+ $55.76
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