Dog Fence Ideas: Introduction

dreaming of dog fence ideas?

If you’re planning a dog fence, it helps to have background information. So here are some dog fence ideas. They don’t tell everything about dog fences by any means, but they should help in choosing the kind of fence you’d like to build.

We at McGregor are big fans of affordable dog fences that look well and will reliably contain your dog. So its not surprising that our guidelines tend to favor fences of that sort.

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  • Barrier versus Electric Fences: Barrier dog fences tend to be more expensive than electric (shock collar) fences, also called “invisible” dog fences, though professional installation of electric fences tends to raise their expense considerably. Barrier fences are also more visible, though certain ones can fade into near-invisibility. On the other hand, electric fences demand dog training, shock your pet, and tend to be unreliable.
  • Dog Size and Jumping: Among other dog fence ideas, to effectively contain a dog, that dog’s size, energy, and jumping ability need to be considered.
  • Digging and Chewing: In erecting a  barrier fence, the the degree to which your pet is inclined to dig or chew says a lot about the kind of fence you should install and whether anti-digging measures (modest training plus temporary application of dog repellent along the fence line, or installation of a digging barrier) should be included.
  • Dog Temperament and Motivation: Don’t send a boy to do a man’s job, and don’t install a flimsy or unreliable fence to contain an energetic dog motivated to escape.
  • Dog Training: Dogs can be trained to stay within just about any boundary, but dog owners aren’t professional trainers, and most are not prepared to provide the degree of training needed to ensure that the electric (shock collar) system really works.
  • Dog Numbers: The more dogs to be contained, and the more this dog population changes, the taller, stronger, and more reliable the fence should be.
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An end is a place where the fence butts up against a building, wall, or another fence.