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Hi! I'm Danny
A Happy Dog

My owner, McGregor Fence, doesn’t sell shock collar fences any more. Here’s why: I’m not a wimpy dog. I know a lot of dogs that get a shock from that collar and stay inside.
They simply won’t go out. Well, I’m not like that. I’m pretty tough and …

the best dog fence kits in the business

Safe Barrier Dog Fences
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We sell the best dog fence kits in the business at the lowest prices, and we won’t be undersold. (See our price match policy.) What’s more, with few exceptions shipping on all orders over $99 to destinations east of the Mississippi is absolutely free.

There’s no shock collar, dog training, or pricey underground installation with our kits. Instead you get a good-looking, effective and affordable barrier fence with low visibility that’s suited to your pet’s specific needs.

Because we don’t know what you may want by way of gates, braces, and digging barriers, we sell these accessories separately. (See the menu above.)

Also, for anyone who wants to custom-build their own dog fence, we sell parts and installation tools separately and provide all the parts you need.

For those with different needs, we have other websites that provide cat fences (to contain cats) and deer fences (to keep out deer).

A dog fence with welded wire fencing, by McGregor Fence
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Danny no electric colar
A dog fence with metal hexagrid fencing by McGregor Fence
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Safe and Sound Leash Liberation!

A Handsome McGregor Dog Fences

Metal Hexagrid Kits

The metal hexagrid fencing in these kits is strong, effective, and permanent. It serves as the low-visibility component of a reliable dog fence — one that works, lasts, and provides a fitting complement to your yard.

Handsome Black Fencing (Polypropylene)

Welded Wire Kits

This is the best fencing to resist chewing while keeping a low profile. Stronger than metal hexagrid fencing, the welded wire rolls we offer have a mesh of black 14-gauge galvanized steel wires and an expected life of 20+ years.

dog fence kits

Polypropylene Kits

Our polypropylene fencing has a breaking strength of 650 pounds per foot. However, dogs, rabbits, and woodchucks can chew through it. If that poses a problem, get a metal hexagrid or welded wire fence.

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metal hexagrid dog fence

Serving pleased dog owners and delighted dogs across the US Since 2008.

See for yourself. Get a McGregor dog fence to give your pet a safe play area and freedom from the leash.

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We make a point of providing high-quality professional products al low prices. We will also match any competing prices that need matching and provide free eastern shipping on orders over $99.

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An end is a place where the fence butts up against a building, wall, or another fence.