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DOG FENCE Installation Instructions


Dog Fence Installation Instructions

We provide several kinds of installation instructions on this website. First, we include copies of our instructions for installing metal hexagrid dog fence kits and polypropylene dog fence kits. These instructions are provided in each kit. We include them here in case an extra copy is needed or in case you would like to see them ahead of time.

For those who are not buying kits but instead are buying parts of a metal hexagrid or poly dog fence separately, we include a set of general instructions for installing metal hexagrid and poly dog fences using our materials.

Finally, we include instructions for installing electric fences. These are instructions for installing our kits that employ small posts set just in front of an existing barrier fence, and also for installing the kits to be mounted directly with extender insulators on existing barrier fences. Anyone purchasing these kits will find  instructions included in the kit. However, these instructions are general enough so that they can be used by anyone purchasing our electric dog fence materials separately. Therefore, we provide copies on this website for any kit customer who wants to see them ahead of time or get an extra copy, and also for anyone who wants to build an electric dog fence using our materials.

We do not include special instructions for installing our digging barriers, because the installation is so simple. Merely unroll the digging barrier roll just inside your existing fence, using stones or bricks to keep the roll flat. Then attach the barrier to the main fence using the zip-ties or U-nails provided in the kit, arranging things so that your dog cannot create any significant opening between the barrier and the existing fence. Then stake down the barrier with the ground stakes provided in the kit, spacing them out evenly and using them to secure all portions of the barrier, including those that are farthest out from the existing fence. That's all there is to it.    



Our office stands ready to provide expert advice about both products and installation (call us at 508-888-8305) during the hours we are open (Monday to Friday, 9 to 5 eastern time). If you call us at other times and leave a message, one of our advisers will get  back to you. 


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