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We sell dog fences. These are good-looking, inconspicuous, effective, and affordable barrier fences dedicated to containing dogs of all types and sizes, from Chihuahuas to Great Danes. We also provide electric fences to supplement these and other barrier fences.


Beyond that we provide a lot of information - about why traditional fences work better than the shock collar fences commonly sold in pet stores, how existing fences can be modified to reliably contain dogs, how electric fences or digging barriers can help to contain determined pets, how an electric fence works, and how all of our fences can be installed. For those interested, we strongly recommend perusing these information pages.


Our Traditional Dog Fences (Barrier Fences)

These fences are black (the least obtrusive of all colors), and against a green or wooded background they fade into near invisibility. Most of them use a 20-gauge steel mesh, galvanized and coated with black pvc, that can contain any dog. This black metal fence comes with a ground fold that reaches inward to discourage digging. Or, if your dog is a super-digger, it can be supplemented with a 2-foot anti-digging barrier staked flat on the ground for easy mowing. 

Alternatively, if your dog is not inclined to dig or chew, you can get a strong and economical black polypropylene mesh. This is the same material that deer fencing professionals use to keep out deer.

As for posts, you can use any kind of post you like. (Wood posts, metal U-posts, angle-iron posts, and steel T-posts will all support our metal and poly fencing). We admit to favoring the posts offered on this site, these being round metal posts, galvanized and coated with black pvc, because these are strong, give a finished professional appearance to your fence, and look well in a residential setting.

To get a dog fence suited to your pet and yard, or to order materials needed separately, see our barrier fence catalog. Or else, to get personal assistance and/or a free quote send us an email or call us at 508-888-8305.


Our Electric Dog Fences

Electric dog fences work poorly on their own, because a dog excited, say, by another dog or squirrel tends to run over or through them. However, they work well as barrier fence supplements to discourage climbing, digging, or both. Should you want a supplemental electric fence that is fairly long (300 feet or more), take a look at our electric fence kits. To order electric fence materials product by product, visit our electric fence catalog. Or else, if you would like guidance or a free quote, contact us directly.


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Do You Need to Control Other Animals?

We offer lots of information, many kits, and over 400 products at great prices on eight other websites dedicated to containing cats, horses, cattle and assorted livestock and to excluding bears, deer, and other animals with both barrier and electric fences. You can reach all these websites via our links page.

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