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Who We Are:

McGregor Fence is a small web company that sells dog fences. Barrier dog fences. Good-looking, inconspicuous, effective, and affordable barrier dog fences dedicated to containing dogs of all sizes, from Chihuahuas to Great Danes, with behaviors ranging from cuddly to pugnacious. We also sell other fences to keep animals in or out; so we are familiar with electric fences (which have their place) and also with radio fences (sometimes mistakenly called electric fences) in which the contained dog wears a shock collar. But experience has led us to conclude that shock collar fences are unreliable and that the best dog fences are barrier dog fences customized to different dogs' specific needs. So we specialize in them.


Our Dog Fences

The formula is simple: For gentle dogs not inclined to chew the dog fence or dig, use our strong, affordable polypropylene dog fences. For chewers get our unchewable metal hexagrid dog fences. To keep all dogs from nosing under the dog fence, fold a bit of the fence bottom inward (toward the dog) and stake it down with foot-long metal ground stakes. And for serious diggers stake down a two-foot wide "anti-digging" barrier, this being a green metal hexagrid mesh laid flat upon the ground just inside the fence.


Our Kits

We focus on kits because they have everything you need. To fit dogs' different sizes and ambitions, we offer kits in heights ranging from 3.5 to 6 feet. One can of course buy components individually, on our Kit Parts pages, but each kit comes as a complete unit. Not everyone needs gates, anti-digging barriers, or braces, so they are not included; but if you need any of them you can find them on our Kit Accessories pages.

When you visit our Kits section you will find the components of each kit listed there, and you can view a detailed description of each component by clicking on the component's name. Kit prices start at $270.


Other Fence Issues

What if you already have a barrier fence in place that your dog is clambering over or digging under? Then you don't need a new dog fence; you just need to supplement your existing fence. If digging is the only problem, one of our anti-digging barriers may do the job. Another economical  response to both digging and clambering is to set up a weak electric dog fence that won't hurt a sparrow a short distance in from the barrier fence. To do this, we offer electric fences in various lengths. People tell us that such a fence can pose problems for lawn mowing, so we recommend spacing our small green removable posts as far apart as possible. That way the dog fence can be taken down for mowing and restored in a few minutes. Another answer to climbing dogs is to put modestly charged wires at the top of your existing fence. As with the big fences, we have organized all these little electric fences into kits. However, should you have any doubts about the sorts of insulators and other gear to use, call us at 508-888-8305 to help customize your setup.

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Do You Need to Control Other Animals?

We offer lots of information, many kits, and over 300 products at great prices on our electric horse fence, barrier deer fence, electric deer fence, discount electric fence, cat fence, and bear fence websites. We also have the best answers for gardeners, and so have dedicated two websites to garden fences--one ( offering fences to keep out small animals and the other ( providing creative ideas and products to keep out all animals. You can also contact us directly by e-mailing your query, or if the matter is urgent or complex by telephoning us at 508-888-8305.