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Stand-alone Electric DOG FenceS on Short Posts


Kits Using Short Posts

The kits listed here use small fiberglass posts to run a charged wire close to your existing barrier fence. They will keep your dog inside the fence because before your dog can dig under of climb over the barrier, he/she will find the charged wire and get a shock. The shock will be small, because the fence chargers sold with these kits are mild--safe for sparrows and Chihuahuas. Nevertheless, the shock will be enough to deter most dogs. Should you want a stronger charger or a solar-powered charger, you can find them in our electric fence parts catalog.

The one-wire kit listed on this page (product 21-04) operates well where the soil along the fence line contains some moisture. If your soil is very dry or hard-frozen part of the time when you want your fence to be working, get our two-wire kit (product 21-05). This kit arranges things so that one of its two wires is charged while the other wire is not charged, instead being tied into the charger's ground terminal. Thus, when the target animal touches both wires at the same time it will get a shock, with the charge passing through the animal into the grounded wire and over to the ground terminal on the charger, thereby completing the circuit.

Each of these two kits comes with enough material to run a charged wire up to 300 feet along your existing fence. Should you want a shorter length (say 100 or 200 feet) you can buy the parts piece in our electric fence parts catalog. However, because of the way these parts are packaged by our distributors, you are likely to find the savings small.

Neither kit includes a charger. (If you have an AC outlet within 40 feet of your existing fence, get an AC-powered charger;otherwise, get the battery-powered charger.) If you want a more powerful charger, they are available in the chargers section on the electric fence parts pages. Photos of the products in each kit are provided at the top of this page, and a list of these products is provided at the bottom.

One-wire Kit for Normal Conditions (Charger not Included):

Two-wire Kit for Dry or Frozen Soil (Charger not Included):

Electric Fence Chargers:

Kit Parts

The two kits above contain the same products, but the two-wire kit has twice the length of wire and an extra bag of insulators. A complete list of these products is as shown. To see a description of any product, click on that product's name.


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