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electric Dog Fences: introduction




Stand-alone electric fences don't work well with dogs. They get broken; or they stop working; or the dogs figure ways under, over. or around them. But electric fences combined with barrier fences can work wonders. They can take some fence your dog regularly digs under or climbs over and make it dog-proof. What's more, they're cheap (usually under $200), harmless (won't hurt a sparrow), and unobtrusive (hardly visible). So if you have a barrier dog fence that isn't working, supplementing it with an electric fence is worthwhile.

Please note: These electric fences are NOT the same as shock collar fences (also called radio or invisible fences) which require that your dog wear a special collar. These shock collar fences, less visible but also more expensive and harder to install than real electric dog fences, are not the subject of these pages. Rather, what we are discussing here are little low-key electric fences that can be placed on or along an existing barrier fence in order to help that barrier fence contain your dog.

Two Kinds of Electric Fences

These little electric fences come in two varieties. One type uses short posts to carry the charged wire a foot or so inside the barrier fence, while the other type uses insulators to mount the charged wire on the barrier fence. The first type (using short posts) is the most versatile and also the best at preventing digging, because both the position of the posts and the height of  the charged wire can easily be adjusted, and also because the wire can be kept far enough out from the fence to ensure that it comes in contact with a digging dog. This post fence runs into problems if it needs to cross a gate--and also if whoever mows your lawn is unwilling to take a few moments at each mowing to lift and replace the posts.

The second type (using insulators attached to the barrier fence) is less versatile because its position is fixed. If you put it near the top of your barrier fence it can keep your dog from climbing but not digging. While if you put it near the bottom it may prevent digging but will probably not prevent climbing. However, if you put it at both top and bottom it can deter both activities. It is also lawn mower-friendly and can deal effectively with gates.

Our Electric Fence Kits

We offer kits of both types that will allow you to create either type of electric fence (post-based or insulator-based) for up to 300 feet at low cost. Should you need a longer fence, you can simply combine two or more kits. We also sell all the parts in these kits separately (see electric fence parts) and provide guidance on the parts pages about how to reach our large electric fence websites for horses, deer, and volume buyers that will permit you to customize an electric fence to your heart's delight.

In case you're unsure about how to customize an electric fence because of uncertainty about how an electric fence operates, please rest assured that you can dispel that uncertainty by reading our one-page explanation of how an electric fence works. And so, whether you are experienced or not, if you like any of our electric fence options you should be able to use our menu below to meet your needs. 


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