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Electric dog Fences FOR MOUNTING ON Existing Fences




Kits that Attach to Existing Fences

The kits on this page carry one or two wires on insulators attached directly to an existing barrier fence. Each kit provides up to 300 feet of electric fence. If you need more electric fence than that, two kits can be combined for that purpose. If you want less (say 100 or 200 feet) you can buy items part by part in our electric fence parts catalog, but because of the way things are packaged the savings are likely to be minimal.

These fences won't get in the way of lawn mowers and can place a charged wire across one or more gates. They may or may not prevent your dog from digging under the barrier fence, but they are good at preventing him or her from climbing over it. To prevent climbing, place the insulators and fence wire high enough on the barrier fence so that your dog will contact the wire or wires as it tries to clamber over. To discourage digging, place the insulators and fence wire low enough so that your dog will contact the wire or wires in the course of digging--and then take whatever steps are needed to ensure that grass and weeds do not contact the wire.

The AC and battery-powered electric fence chargers sold with these kits are very mild and won't hurt a sparrow. We regard this feature as desirable. However, because of their mildness, very slight contact with power-draining grass or weeds can stop your fence from working until the condition is corrected. Should you want a stronger charger or a solar-powered charger, you can find them in our electric fence parts catalog.

Our One-wire Kits

The one-wire kits listed on this page (kit 21-06 for chain link fencing, 21-06A for round metal posts up to 2 inches in diameter, and 21-07 for wooden posts) will work well with bare metal fencing, because the metal fencing can be connected to the charger's ground terminal, permitting the full circuit from the charger's positive to negative terminals to be closed, and so the dog will get a shock whenever it touches both the charged wire and the metal fencing. These kits will also work to discourage digging if there is some moisture in the ground, even if there is no bare metal fencing, because then, when the charged wire is placed low on the fence, the charge can pass from the charged wire through the digging dog, into the moisture in the ground, over to the ground rod, up the ground rod, and over to the ground terminal on the charger, thereby completing the circuit and administering a shock.

Our Two-wire Kits

If the barrier fencing is not bare metal, you need to think about whether the soil will be able to conduct the charge. If you think your dog's feet will be off the ground when it touches the charged wire, or if the ground will be bone dry or frozen, then a one-wire kit will not work. Instead, use a two-wire kit (product 21-08 will attach to metal posts, 21-08A will attach to round metal posts up to 2 inches in diameter, and 21-09 will attach to wood posts and boards). Then your dog will get a shock if he/she touches both wires simultaneously, because the grounded wire will carry the charge back to the charger's ground terminal, completing the circuit.

Electric Fence Chargers and Kit Parts

None of these kits includes a charger. (If you have an AC outlet within 40 feet of your existing fence, get the AC-powered charger; otherwise get the battery-powered charger.) Should you want a stronger charger or a solar-powered charger you can find them on the chargers page of the electric fence parts section.

A photo of the products in these kits appears at the top of this page, and a list of the products in each kit is provided below. Should you wish to purchase any of the kit components separately, they are offered in our electric fence parts section, together with guidance on how to reach our larger websites offering hundreds of electric fence products.

One-wire Kits, 300 Feet (Charger not Included):

Two-wire Kits, 300 Feet (Charger not Included):

Electric Fence Chargers:


Parts for These Kits

The kits above contain very similar products, with the two-wire kits containing twice as much material as the one-wire kits. The full list of products included in these six kits is as shown. To see a description of any product, click on that product's name.


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