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Our Dog Fence Digging Barriers

Don't worry about running into our digging barrier with your lawnmower. These barriers are made to lie flat and get staked down with plenty of foot-long ground stakes that hold them down. So grass will grow right up through them, and your lawnmower will pass right over them, just as though they weren't there.

More important, consider the nature of your pet and what you want your barrier dog fence to do. If your dog is not bent on escape and not inclined to dig, you don't need a digging barrier. But if there's any doubt, get one. You don't want to wait until an escape occurs.

We sell four anti-digging kits for dog barrier fences, three with metal hexagrid mesh and one with strong welded wire mesh. Our standard metal hexagrid digging barrier kit produces a 2 x 150-foot anti-digging swath along your dog barrier fence. If this is too long for your fence, consider getting one or more 2 x 50 foot kits; or if it is not long enough combine these two kits to create a digging barrier of the right length. Or else, if you feel a one-foot digging barrier would be wide enough, get our new "narrow" 1 x 150-foot kit. Keep in mind that the 2 x 50 foot kit has a green mesh while the other two kits have black mesh. This is not a problem if the barrier runs on well-grassed lawn, but if it runs over bare earth there could be a color mismatch.

These barriers will suffice to stop your dog from digging under a barrier fence for dogs in nearly all cases. However, should you have an exceptionally large and determined digger you might like to consider our 2 x 100-foot welded wire digging barrier with 1.5 x 1.5 inch mesh. this is a stronger barrier but one that is also more expensive.

All these digging barrier kits have three parts; a metal hexagrid or welded wire mesh, foot-long kinked galvanized ground stakes, and 8-inch heavy duty zip-lock ties. The mesh is rolled out next to your upright barrier dog fence and joined to it with zip-ties. If your upright fence is already staked down with ground stakes, lift those stakes before applying the zip ties and use them as supplemental stakes for staking down the digging barrier. If your upright fence is wooden, get one or more bags of U-nails for attaching the digging barrier to your fence. 

Digging Barrier Kits:

Purchase Individual Parts Here:

Ground Stakes for Staking down Deer and Dog Fences, Bundle of 30
Prod. ID: 18-01
Our Prices:
1 - 4 $21.95
5 - 9 $20.85
10+ $19.76
U-nails, 1.25-inch Barbed Galvanized U-nails, 1 Pound Bag
Prod. ID: 17-02
Our Prices:
1 - 4 $6.75
5 - 9 $6.41
10+ $6.07


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