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OUR dog fence kits


Our Dog Fences in Kit Form

We focust on kits because they provide all the basics. Our kits are versatile, coming in a range of heights (3.5 to 6 feet) and lengths (100 to 330 feet), and two or more can be combined to produce a longer fence. The fences they produce are both handsome and effective; and these fences fade demurely into the background, to the point where a green background of woods or shrubs renders them hardly noticeable.

Some of these kits will contain dogs inclined to chew the fence and some will not. Should your pet be likely to chew or challenge the fence, or should small outside animals be likely to chew holes in it, browse our metal hexagrid kits. If you will present when your pet is out or if the fence is unlikely to be challenged, consider our polypropylene kits.

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